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1951 Nevada Desert ~ Military Troop Observers Watch
the mushroom cloud from Shot Dog at a distance of about 7 miles
and then were marched toward Ground Zero.
Troops Observe Shot Dog
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231st ECBn History
Exercise Desert Rock
Week 1
Week 2
Fruit Cocktail Photo
Co "A" Operation Report Bill Bires Comments
on his Duty
Week 3
Map of Test Site
Co "A" to the Forward Area
Able Shot LANL Photo
Able Shot Narrative
Week 4
Camp Desert Rock Photo
Page 2
GZ Emplacemant Areas
Baker Shot Narrative
Week 5 Page 3
Charlie DSWA Photo # 2
Charlie LANL Photo # 1
Charlie LANL Photo # 2
Charlie Shot Narrative
Week 6 Page 4
Dog Shot DSWA Photo
Dog LANL Photo # 1
Dog LANL Photo # 2
Dog Shot Narrative
Week 7 Page 5
Co"A" Prepares to leave
Rad-Safe Monitor's Letter
Week 8
Charlie DSWA Photo # 1
Co "A" ordered to prepare
for Operation Jangle
Week 9
Dog Shot Photo
Easy Shot DSWA Photo
Easy Shot LANL Photo
Easy Shot Narrative
Operation Jangle
Sugar Shot Photo
Uncle Shot Photo
Human Radiation Experiments
Epilogue From Our Readers

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